Slow Flower of The Month

Amethyst Sage



Slow Flower Life was introduced by Green Wise as we celebrated the company’s historic 113-year anniversary. The new brand was launched as a complement to Slow Green, our initiative to make organic flowers a popular alternative to the farmed flowers that characterise the floriculture industry today.

The Slow Flower Life range of products consists of classic forms and contemporary containers. As the containers are shared, enjoyed and reused, they continue to make the beauty of organic flowers part of the rhythm of everyday life.


Slow Flower Life is part of Green Wise’s initiatives to promote sustainable lifestyles and encourage ‘slow’ living. This new initiative shares our vision for enjoying nature on its own terms, and our appreciation of the natural world in its purest form. The products we design are containers for flower gifts, floral displays and special occasions, making it easy to share the beauty of organic flowers with others. Slow Flower Life reflects Green Wise’s participation in global ‘slow’ movements and our mandate to spread our way of thinking internationally and locally. By combining organic flowers with containers that continue to appeal over time, we’re creating a sustainable approach for future generations to uphold.


Slow Flower Life is a range of unique products from Green Wise that brings the beauty of organic flowers indoors. Our mission reflects the Slow Green initiative to promote organic flowers through floral arrangements, window displays and specialist bouquets. Slow Flower Life complements organic flowers with products that outlive them, in designs that will continue to remind us of their beauty long after the flowers have faded away.



We prepared a booklet that you can see the view of the world of slow flowers. You can download it from the link below.