Hug & Kiss Gift

Hug-full of flowers grown in the morning dew for a gift

Little bud sprouting from the ground, when it was only planted there a few weeks ago. And then a little larger leaf grows. It soon starts to grow towards the sun, changing its shape and form together with the changes in the season. The flower bud swells, and before we know, there is a beautiful flower facing us on its stem. It is then a relay of flowering. Flowering one after another and the place will soon be full of blooming flowers. When the sweet smell of the flowers welcome birds and bees, we stand in the shining morning dew that moistens the flowers that we bring to you today. Flowers grown in their natural environment is strong. What we picked this morning will arrive in your hands with fuller beauty and vibrancy.
The Hug & Kiss Flower Tote Gift, filled with flowers that were grown organically without the use of pesticides and preserves, brings you hints for natural lifestyle reflected in the growth of these Slow Flowers. It is safe for children and pregnant mothers to bury their faces to smell the flowers. Carry it in front of you, or over your shoulder. It is a waste-free Slow Flow Gift created with the love for nature.


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    Flower Tote

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    Green Tote


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Small ¥30,000 / Large ¥50,000 +Tax

We currently only accept shipments within Japan, and still working for overseas shipments.