Hug and Kiss

- Flower Tote -

Crafted from a single piece of canvas fabric and reinforced with handles and a shoulder strap, this understated tote bag is simplicity at its best. The shape is reminiscent of the classic American tote bag, an iconic design characterised by its robust construction and hard-wearing materials. Our Hug & Kiss tote bag is just as enduring, designed to be enjoyed every day and shared by several generations. Customers in Japan can order a tote bag filled with fresh flowers, marking special occasions with an organic floral display and a uniquely tactile container that provides a lasting memory. Whether used to display fresh flowers or carry belongings across the city, the Hug & Kiss tote bag adds understated style to any environment.

Material: canvas
Size S: W250×D250×H300mm L: W400×D300×H500mm
Price S: ¥17,000 / L: ¥25,000
Design : Chinatsu Kambayashi + Studio Early Birds
Made in Japan


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