- Flower Jar -

The beauty of organic flowers provides more than just decoration; they can create a moment for pause in a fast-paced world.  This is why our Feel flower jar is inscribed with words to reflect on.  Sentiments such as ‘touch’ and ‘hold’ recall the sensations we experience as we arrange fresh flowers, while ‘listen’ and ‘breathe’ remind us to pause for a moment to contemplate their beauty. The design itself echoes the shape of the classic wide-mouthed Mason jar patented in 1858, invented to store and preserve food items. The transparent glass brings all parts of the flower into view, making the stalks a part of the display. The flower jar is capped by a traditional, screw-thread lid, enabling it to be used as a storage container once the flowers have been removed. A unique combination of poetic sentiments and practicality, Feel adds beauty to the surroundings in a variety of ways.

Size ø95.4×H181mm / 927ml
Price ¥1,500
Design : Studio Early Birds
Made in Japan


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