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Scientific Name :
Hydrangea macrophylla
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The hydrangea is a Japanese deciduous shrub widely popular around the world. It is susceptible to drying and likes slightly moist soil, and in Japan it has become synonymous with the plants whose flowers bloom during the rainy season (June to July).
The representative flower colors of the hydrangea are red, blue, and purple, but the flower’s color is based on a pigment in the hydrangea called ‘anthocyanin’.
Anthocyanin changes the color of the flower by absorbing aluminum contained in the soil through the roots. If the soil is acidic and aluminum ions are easily available, it changes to blue; and it turns red if the soil is alkaline and aluminum ions are not easily available.
In addition, a white hydrangea does not have the anthocyanin pigment that changes the flower color, so white flowers bloom regardless of the nature of the soil.