Slow Flower of The Month



Scientific Name :
Helianthus cucumerifolius
Family :
Genus :

Looking like a miniature of the sunflower we are familiar with, Helianthus cucumerifolius is native to the United States and it tolerates the strong sun and the heat of summer.
The plant is used largely in home gardens and park landscaping, as it grows well and its flowering lasts a while even under the hot summer sun and dry soil. The zesty-colored flowers also look great in a vase and it is popular throughout the summer.
The flowers could be single layered or multi-layered but the color is always the bright reviving yellow, like a reflection of the sun.
The flowers always face the sun and follow its movement. This is because of the auxin hormone in their stem, the plant’s strategies to grow towards the sun to capture the maximum amount of sunlight.