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Prunus mume

Prunus mume

Scientific Name :
Prunus mume
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Prunus mume is of Chinese origin. Its variety can be divided into those that are chosen to enjoy the flowers of the tree, and those that are chosen for the fruits of the tree. In Japan, the flowering Prunus mume tree was popularly used as garden tree since the Nara period. The extravagant fragrance of the flower and the fact that it blooms in the winter season gave Prunus mume the status as a bringer of good luck. Also during this period Prunus mume forest began to spread all over Japan, when each clan encouraged the people to make plum pickles as food stock.
There are white and red to the flowers. The red flowering trees are often chosen for ornamental purposes, and not for food source as the plum fruits are usually very small and bitter. The white flowering trees are used for making pickled plums. Not only the flowers, but if the tree trunk is cut cross-sectional, you may notice that the white flower trees have white cross section and the red flowering trees have red cross section of their trunks.