Slow Flower of The Month



Scientific Name :
Chimonanthus praecox
Family :
Genus :

Wintersweet is a shrub native to China, which bursts into full bloom during the winter time with little yellow flowers that have wax-like texture. Apart from the flowering season the tree stands modestly, but when they bloom, the flowers give off exquisite honeyed fragrance in a monotonous season. In China, Wintersweet is regarded as one of “The Four flowers in the Snow”, next to Plum, Narcissus, and Camellia.
Wintersweet came to Japan in the Edo-era, and it’s early flowering and the scent it gave off were much appreciated in the lifestyle, and is used in Ikebana, Sa-do and also as ornamental shrub till this day.
The yellow flowers blooming against the tree stem’s white surface is a great contrast and brings to our hearts a hint of spring.